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Modules for health education

Health promotion & disease prevention

Physical activity

Healthy diet

Environmental health

No, u do not need that!
F. A. T.
Save the World
Our health is our largest property
I love my... Heart
All you need is... water
Shall we socialize?
D.O.N.O.R. – Donation of Organs Nonstop Respect
Train your brain
On a diet
Don’t take that risk
Diabetics –move on, be healthy!
Let’s talk about sex
Viva la vita (mina)!
The power of sleep
I’m sick of disease
Professional sports – Angel or Demon
Sugar free
Stress less

Authors of modules: Yoanna Dochevska, Kalinka Gudarovska, Martyna Jaros, Maria Kalogerou, Ifigenia Katchie, Constantina Katchie, Christina Papageorgiou, Agnieszka Zawiślak, Ivaylo Zdravkov.